Are you retiring or downsizing?

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Are you ready for retirement but need to sell your house?

If you’re retiring from your job, you need to make sure your finances are in order. For many, this means making decisions about what to do with the home they live in and possibly looking to downsize. There are many questions that come up when retiring, especially when it comes to larger financial responsibilities such as a house. Some concerns include; running short of money after retiring, owing money on your mortgage, high property taxes, and high maintenance and repairs.


There are many reasons to sell your home in order to downsize after retirement such as receiving an influx of funds, shedding mortgage payments, receiving tax breaks, and eliminating maintenance costs. It’s simple, the larger home you have, the more you pay for maintenance and repair costs. Since having the ability to retire is earned through hard work and dedication, why not put less effort into your home and just relax with family and friends? There are several options you have ranging from moving in with family, buying a smaller home, moving to a lower cost of living area, or becoming a renter.

Not only do we have the best resources to find you a dream home to retire in, but we will also purchase your current property without having to fix it up and spend money selling your house the traditional way. Once you find that home, we will completely take care of all moving costs and let you decide the closing date. Consider this our gift for choosing to downsize or retire.


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Alliya Scott

"Very satisfied with Falcon Homebuyers. They delivered as promised, their support team was always very helpful on clarifying and following up, and closing was easy .”

Nancy Ingram

"My experience with Falcon was great! Everything was clear and very straight forward! "