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Is it difficult keeping up with your rental properties?

Falcon Home Buyers can make you a fast, firm cash offer, within 3 hours of contacting us.

We help landlords in many ways. We buy properties when you’re ready to move on from managing rental properties. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!


If you have at least one rental property, there are many responsibilities landlords face which include high turnover rates, tenant issues, vacancies, legal troubles, repairs, taxes, debt expenses and more. On the surface, holding onto rental properties seems like a good investment, but in reality it is usually more of a headache than what it’s worth. The challenges start early and they always involve money.


If you are ready to move on from your rental property, we are here to assist you! You will no longer have to spend time trying to find a tenant, looking for a dependable management company, or even making any repairs–we will purchase “As Is”, whether occupied or not. You will neither have to worry about traditional real estate commissions nor any closing costs, instead we save you time, effort and money. Falcon Home Buyers can make you a fast, firm cash offer, within 3 hours of contacting us or whenever you’re ready.


Selling your home has never been easier

Get a fair cash offer for your home in any condition!


Testimonials & Reviews

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Janet Anderson

“If you need to sell your house quickly and want a great all-cash offer, I’d highly recommend reaching out to 'Falcon Homebuyers' They beat other offers and covering all closing costs”

Alliya Scott

"Very satisfied with Falcon Homebuyers. They delivered as promised, their support team was always very helpful on clarifying and following up, and closing was easy .”

Nancy Ingram

"My experience with Falcon was great! Everything was clear and very straight forward! "